The Beginning 

Argument-Driven Inquiry started in a science classroom in Phoenix, AZ in 2005. At that time, Vic Sampson was a high school biology and chemistry teacher. He was trying to help his students learn science by doing science. However, he found that all the instructional materials available at that time were too prescriptive, misrepresented how scientists do science, and did not give students an opportunity to learn how to figure things out.

Instructional Model & Grants

Vic therefore created the Argument-Driven Inquiry Instructional model based on what he learned about teaching and learning while in graduate school at Arizona State University. He then started using this approach in his own classroom and saw how it can completely transform what teaching and learning looks like. After graduating from ASU, Vic took a position as an Assistant Professor of Science Education at Florida State University in 2007. He was awarded a grant from the Institute of Educational Science a few years later to study and refine ADI. He then worked with Dr. Patrick Enderle and Dr. Jonathon Grooms and several teachers at Florida State University School to develop several different lab activities for high school and middle school science, implement these labs in actual classrooms, and then document what students learn from them over time.

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Books & Instruction

Once the grant ended in 2014, the research team wanted to make sure teachers could use these instructional materials. The team decide to partner with NSTA Press to publish a series of books about ADI. We soon found out that publishing the books was not enough to meet the need of teachers. We started receiving calls and emails from teachers and instructional coaches looking for ways to learn more about ADI and to request additional instructional resources based on this approach.

Professional Learning & Beyond

Krista Sampson started setting up professional learning experiences for these teachers and coaches. She also began creating all the different instructional resources that the teachers told us they needed. This is when our company was born. We needed a way to help teachers learn about ADI and to provide them with the resources they needed to be successful. We are now a growing company that creates innovative instructional materials for grades 3-12, provides classroom resources such as lab kits, posters, and other tools, and facilitates meaningful professional learning experiences for teachers. We all are teachers first and foremost, and we always will be. Our goal is to do everything that we can to help other teachers transform what science teaching and learning looks like so all students have an opportunity to learn how to use science to figure out how the world works.

The Team

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