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ADI Stages Overview

Stage 1: A Quick Overview

Stage 2: A Quick Overview

Stage 3: A Quick Overview

Stage 4: A Quick Overview

Stage 5: A Quick Overview

Stage 6: A Quick Overview

Stage 7: A Quick Overview

Stage 8: A Quick Overview

ADI in Action

Stage 1: Watch It In Action

Stage 2: Watch It In Action

Stage 3: Watch It In Action

Stage 4: Watch It In Action

Stage 5: Watch It In Action

Fixing Whiteboards, 7th graders

Creating a Lab Plan, 7th Graders

Data Collection, 7th graders

Argumentation Session, 7th Graders

Argumentation Session, 4th Graders

Teaching with ADI


Guidance PowerPoints

Evidence vs. Justification

Teacher Question Cards

Using ADI Investigation Proposals

ADI Stage 7: Logistics of Peer Review

Staying Organized with ADI Lanyards

Using the Ground Rules for Critique in Science Poster

Generating and Testing Hypotheses

Timing for Secondary ADI Labs

Choosing an ADI Investigation Proposal

Improving Students' Argument Boards

Reading Scaffolds for ADI


Scaffolded Lab Reports

Argument Cards

Peer Review Feedback Cards

Using the Talk Moves Table Tent Cards for ADI

Using the Annotating Text Poster

Lab Videos

Physical Science, Lab 3: Physical Properties of Matter

Grade 3, Lab 2: Magnetic Force

Physical Science, Lab 14: Potential Energy

Grade 4, Lab 1: Energy of Motion

Life Science, Lab 3: Osmosis

Accessing NetLogo for ADI Labs

Moon Phases ADI Investigation

Grade 5 : Star Brightness Lab

Life Science, Lab 11: Food Webs

Grade 3, Lab 12: Adaptations

Sheep Wolves Grass NetLogo Simulation