ADI Online Investigations for Remote or Blended Instruction

Rigorous and equitable instruction can happen at a distance. Use ADI Online Courses to facilitate interactive learning experiences online. ADI Investigations are now available in a student-facing format online!

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What are ADI Online Courses?

Our ADI Online platform closely mirrors the process students would follow in a face to face ADI investigation, with even more opportunities for peer feedback. Students begin each investigation by exploring a phenomenon and interacting with ideas that will help them to understand the question they are going to answer. Next, they create a plan for their investigation, and give and receive feedback from their peers before carrying out that plan and collecting data to help them come up with an answer. Once they have enough evidence to make a claim they use that to create an argument board, present it to their peers, and give and receive feedback on how the board can be improved. After this, students use a discussion board to synthesize the core ideas from the investigation before writing a lab report. They peer review each other's lab reports using our rubric, and then use the feedback they receive to revise and submit their work. A major benefit of this process is that the students stay within one system for the entire investigation, only leaving to complete the simulation and write the different sections using Google Docs.

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An Online Course Built for You

Choose 6 ADI Investigations that work best for your curriculum. Students will access this course to complete the investigation.

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Engage Students with Active Learning

Learning is most effective when it involves active participation. Give your students an opportunity to plan and carry out investigations, craft arguments, write reports, peer review, reflect on feedback, and discuss ideas with others.


Safe for Students

We take privacy seriously. ADI Online Courses (powered by EduFlow) is FERPA, COPPA, CSPC, and GPDR compliant.

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Room for All of Your Students

Invite all of your students! Each instructor can have up to 200 students in their ADI Online Course. Use Tags to separate students into class periods and groups within each class period.

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Option to Integrate with Other Systems

Integrate with Google Classroom, Canvas, Schoology, and other Learning Management Systems. This is an additional fee.

ADI Online for Teachers

For Teachers

Easy-to-use Online ADI Investigations make learning at a distance more meaningful and remote teaching easier and more effective.

ADI Online Courses for Students

For Students

Students participate in interactive ADI Online Investigations that are very similar to what they do in a face-to-face classroom.

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ADI Online for Elementary

Online Investigations for elementary grades third through fifth. Mix and match investigations to create your own course.

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ADI Online for Secondary

Online Investigations for middle school and high school. Mix and match investigations to create your own course.

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ADI Online: Courses for Students Webinar

During this webinar, you will see what the ADI Online Platform looks like in both student-view and teacher-view.

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