Security & Safety FAQs

All security and privacy information can be found here.

Online Platform (Powered by Eduflow) FAQs

  • Q: Are there any software/plugins required?
  • A: There are no plugins required in order to access the core functionality of Eduflow.

Q: What are the hardware and software compatibility?

A: Since Eduflow is a web-based application, an internet browser and a live connection is all that is needed in order to access services. In terms of software compatibility, Eduflow works with most internet browsers. As for hardware requirements, machines manufactured in the last six years should have no issues accessing Eduflow services.

Q: How is the system updated and how often?

A: Eduflow pushes to production on a regular basis to fix bugs and to release new features. Planned updates can be found here: https://eduflow.canny.io/

Pricing FAQs

Q: If I teach two courses (a biology and a chemistry course), how many courses do I need to purchase?

A: You will need to purchase 2 courses -- one for biology and one for chemistry. You will get to choose 6 investigations for each course.

ADI Investigations FAQs

Q: Can I see certain investigations?

A: Yes! Just send us an email and we're happy to share an investigation with you.

Q: Can I see which standards the investigations align with?

A: Yes, click here, to download a copy of our standards alignment.

Interested in Learning More or Have Questions?

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  • Phone: 512-777-4099