Train the Trainer

The Train the Trainer Institute is designed to help district science supervisors, instructional coaches and science teachers develop the knowledge and skills needed to be able to host Introduction to ADI workshops for teachers in their own district.

Embedded Instructional Coaching

  • The Embedded Instructional Coaching workshop is designed for district science supervisors, instructional coaches, science specialists, or department heads who want to learn how to do embedded instructional coaching for teachers learning how to use ADI. You must have completed an ADI Train the Trainer Institute within the last three years to be able to register for this workshop.
Vic Talking to a group of teachers

  • July 16, 2021
  • Elementary & Secondary

Introduction to ADI

Our Introductory to ADI workshops are designed to provide educators with a foundational understanding of the ADI instructional model. We provide hands-on, learner-centered professional learning experiences that help participants develop the experience and knowledge they need to feel confident using or supporting the use of ADI in classrooms.

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Virtual Introduction to Argument-Driven Mathematics

Our Introduction to Argument-Driven Mathematics workshop is designed to provide educators with a foundational understanding of the Argument-Driven Mathematics instructional model as it applies to Math in High School (9-12), however, the knowledge is transferable to Middle School (6-8).

April 24, 2021

Live Virtual Workshop


Next Steps Virtual Workshops

Our Next Steps workshops are designed to help educators learn new teaching practices that will help them get the most out of the Argument-Driven instructional model. Teachers will have opportunities to examine student work, learn how to facilitate productive discussions, create resources such as their own investigations and assessments, and practice teaching the different stages of an ADI lab.