ADI Ambassador

What is the ADI Ambassador Program?

The ADI Ambassador Program provides educators with a $350.00 grant to attend a conference and share his or her experiences using ADI in their own classroom or district. We plan to award 10 grants each calendar year.

How does the ADI Ambassador Program work?

  • Submit one or more presentation proposals to a state science teachers conference or other education related conference.
  • Once you have received notification from the conference that one or more of your proposals have been accepted, apply to the ADI Ambassador Program.
  • ADI will notify you if you have been selected to be an ADI Ambassador or not.
  • Attend the conference and fulfill all the requirements of the grant (see below).
  • Receive a $350.00 check in the mail.

What are the requirements of the grant?

  • Present at least one session about ADI at a conference.
  • Share information about ADI professional learning experiences as part of your presentation (ADI will provide you with PPT slides about our upcoming offerings for professional learning that you can incorporate into your presentation).
  • Provide time for a free drawing at the end of your presentation (ADI will send you items that you can give away to the attendees).

What are some conferences that I can attend?

Check out this list of some potential conferences here.

What should I present about at the conference?

Check out this list of some potential presentation topics and ideas here.

How do I apply to the ADI Ambassador program?

Once you have a confirmation that your presentation has been accepted from the conference, fill out and submit this grant application.

When do I find out if I have been awarded a grant?

We review grant applications the last week of each month and send notification of awards during the first week of the following month. If you are selected to be an ADI Ambassador, you will receive an email from ADI with award information as well as receive a packet of information via mail.

What criteria will ADI use to determine who will receive a grant from the pool of applicants?

Preference will be giving to applicants who:

  • are ADI Members;
  • are scheduled to give more than one presentation at a conference;
  • have a high quality and interesting presentation proposal;
  • plan to present at a well-attended conference; and
  • are active on social media.

Please note, ADI will not pay for or reimburse for any costs that you incur before, during, or after the conference and we will only initiate payment of the grant after we confirm fulfillment of all three grant requirements. Please allow two weeks after the conference for us to confirm that the grant requirements have been completed and to issue you a check.